The Real Bob Ellis

Imagine the situation: Bob Ellis has written something on ABC’s The Drum. You’re reading tweets appalled by it. You want to have a look and share in the outrage. You click on the link, and you get..

Yes, that’s right – your browser displayed an article written by the other famous Australian named Bob Ellis, owned by Marieke Hardy. The Bob Ellis whose article submissions have been entirely, and unjustly, ignored by the ABC’s editorial staff.

Your time is saved, your outrage kept for a better target. Varicose prose with a strong possibility of misogyny has been replaced with an erudite analysis of Australia today.

Sound good? Install the browser plugin! It will work in Google Chrome and Firefox, although for Firefox you’ll need the Greasemonkey extension first.

Note that you should only install the extension if you trust me. A greasemonkey script can do all sorts of malicious things. It’s also possible that the script has an unintentional flaw with security consequences. The script is made available under the terms of theApache 2.0 license.


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