HappyComments: replace comments with bunnies!

Updated 2010-12-24: added ABC TheDrum and Youtube to list of sites a-rabbited

Comments on news websites can be disturbing. Bunnies, on the other hand, are never disturbing. Install this greasemonkey script to replace the comments on supported sites with pictures of bunnies, randomly chosen via a search on Flickr for Creative Commons licensed content.

Installation instructions: you’ll need to be running a browser with Greasemonkey support. Google Chrome and Firefox work. If you’re running Firefox, you’ll need to install the extension.

Then install the user script: http://goatgrease.googlecode.com/hg/happy_comments.user.js

Note that you should only install the extension if you trust me. A greasemonkey script can do all sorts of malicious things. It’s also possible that the script has an unintentional flaw with security consequences. The script is made available under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license.

Contributing: The source is on google code. If you want to contribute, go check it out. Email patches through to me, or let me pull them from a mercurial repository. Patches to support more websites would be great!


5 Responses to HappyComments: replace comments with bunnies!

  1. Morna says:

    Dear Mr. Angrygoat,

    mmmm…it seems this comment may be replaced with a bunny…but I thought I would give it a shot. It shows how much I still use my LJ, but I must say I deeply miss your little LJ haiku program. Do you know of any other program floating around the net that makes haikus with your own text? or does that program exist somewhere. I’m not a programer. I’m a photographer, so please dumb it down for me here!

    • Hey Morna
      I’m planning to recreate it and put it back, but it’ll probably be a while – sorry! I’ll get on it though. I don’t know of anything else to do it without writing a program yourself, but it will be making a comeback at some point soonish :-)

      • Jennifer Gentry says:

        I also found this page looking for the haiku generator. There are lots that generate haikus from random words, but none for a blog or website or e-gutenburg text.

        Has this gone up yet?

      • Jennifer Gentry says:

        oops. I forgot to check “notify me”

  2. AWF says:

    “Bunnies are never disturbing”.

    You didn’t listen, did you. We of alt.devilbunnies tried to warn you. Years ago. You didn’t listen… and they got to you, didn’t they? The bunnies got to you. And they’ll treat you like they treat every other symp, in the end.

    Why didn’t you listen? Why didn’t ANYONE LISTEN?

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