Divest from mandatory detention

In case anyone wants to follow suit, I’ve just written this letter to UniSuper. Perhaps we can all write to our super funds (making some variation is a good idea) – and compare notes afterwards? If enough people write in funds are bound to notice, particularly industry funds like UniSuper.


I’m keen to make sure that I’m not financially benefiting from (invested in) the mandatory detention or offshore detention of asylum seekers.

Could you please let me know which of your investment options are invested in Transfield or Serco, so that I can ensure I’ve chosen options which are divested from them?

I would like to urge a general policy from UniSuper of divestment in companies who choose to participate in mandatory detention and Australian Government actions in violation of international law. Does such a policy already exist?

Thanks for any help


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2 Responses to Divest from mandatory detention

  1. Audrey says:

    Has there been a response to this?

    • yeah, I asked them if I could publish it and they didn’t reply.

      Anyway, the relevant excerpt:
      “Transfield Services and Serco Group
      UniSuper does have small exposures to both Transfield Services and Serco Group across our mainstream equities holdings. Neither of these companies however are currently included in either the Dow Jones Sustainability Index or the DJSI Australia Index and thus are not held by our socially responsible investment options.”

      So in my case the super options I’ve chosen are free of Transfield & Serco :-)

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