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2011 Census Datapacks Release 1.1 DVD

I’ve put up the Census release 1.1; CC-BY the Commonwealth of Australia. Get the torrent file or use this magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3eb21ef4dfa54350d16df7d6ec14d168235e3f35&dn=2011%20DataPacks%20BCP%5FIP%5FTSP%5FRelease%201.1.7z& Advertisements

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2011 Census DVD release 1 on Bittorrent

The ABS data pack release 1 DVD arrived yesterday. Awesomely, it’s licensed CC-BY by the ABS, so I’ve made a bittorrent file for it. The DVD contained one Zip file, which is the contents of the torrent. It’s 2.7GB and … Continue reading

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Bulk downloading the Census 2011

I need the Census data to perform some analysis; the ABS release schedule indicated the data comes out first by DVD, then on the web. I duly (and reluctantly – what is this, the 90s?) rang up the ABS and … Continue reading

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