UK trip over!

Well, I’m home. It was a nice trip.

England is a beautiful country. I stayed in Bromley, which is a little commuter town about twenty minutes away from London on the train. Each day I caught the train to Swanley – where the office is – which took about twenty minutes, travelling through the beautiful woods and fields of the green belt.

I caught up with a couple of friends while away. Had a few beers with Anil, then the next day saw him again with Alexa. Alexa and I went and saw an utterly ridiculous play – for some reason, every play we see together is surreal and yet oddly we’re the only ones laughing – The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Dickens died before finishing the book, so the end of the play was quite fun. Pretty awesome night; ended up having dinner at Pizza Express and bumping into one of the actors with his family. Spent some time amusingly failing to flag down a cab, then back to Victoria where a steam train happened to have arrived, so we went and had a look at it.

A couple of memorable evenings. It’s so strange to be back home, when it feels like only hours ago I was walking along the beautiful streets of London. I love Perth, and I’m not sure I’d love living in London, but as a place to visit it is just amazing.

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