UK trip

I’ve just arrived in the UK on a one-week business trip. I left home at 7pm UTC+8 on Saturday, and arrived at the hotel at 2pm UTC+1 today. So accommodation-to-accommodation a 25 hour journey. So, roughly 50 hours of this week will be spent travelling. Yikes.

The longer leg of the trip is Perth to Dubai, something over twelve hours. I had an aisle seat next to a friendly older couple. Watched TV for a bit, then drifted off to sleep with headphones on; woke up to the bloke next to me thrashing around in a panic, with his wife telling him off. He managed to calm down, but would repeat this roughly every hour.

In the end I gave up on sleeping and finished off Catch-22. Brilliant book; if you’ve read it, you’ll realise why sitting in a plane with the passenger next to you spontaneously panicking and thrashing about is a absurdly appropriate environment in which to consume the book.

Dubai airport is the platonic shopping mall. Absolutely dysfunctional as an airport terminal. Displays showing gate allocations were extremely scarce, and all of the toilets had massive queues. A place so unpleasant you’d think Victor Gruen was involved.

Chap sat in my aisle on the Dubai to Gatwick leg decided to demonstrate his mountain climbing skills by nimbly hopping from seat arm to seat arm whenever he needed to get up. Very impressive, very eccentric.

Absolutely beautiful views of Razazza Lake outside of Karbala. The water was still, a deep blue against the bright white sand of the desert. The boundary was brilliantly crisp. I could also make out the Tigris threading along.

I’m now in Bromley. It appears I left all my toiletries at home (not sure how, I was sure I’d packed them!) so went out and bought replacements. I’ve treated myself to a rather nice jacket from Marks and Spencers, and am presently attempting to consume three enormous tubs of berries – Blackberries, Strawberries and Raspberries.

Life is pretty good.

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