Getting more out of your storage on a VM

I’ve got a VM over in the US; really useful to have due to good connectivity and the ability to run things on it that won’t be interrupted. One thing I run is undulatus, my twitter client. It logs all the tweets I see in a CouchDB database, and also builds a bunch of indexes so I can search them.

That takes up a lot of room. I’ve got around 4 million tweets on file; that takes up 21GB (including indexes.) Unfortunately my VM only has 25GB of disk space, so I was in trouble.

This handy article saved the day; I made a ZFS filesystem in a disk file, and then set up zfs-fuse. I set the filesystem size at 20GB, turned on transparent compression (in gzip-9 mode) and what was taking up 21GB is now taking up 5.5GB. Pretty neat; it’s actually quite fast too.

I’m not going to pretend it’s not an ugly hack, but it worked really well.

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One Response to Getting more out of your storage on a VM

  1. James French says:

    ZFS fuse is actually quite nice, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it out last year. Has a few minor quirks but nothing that I can think of that’ll be a huge pain in this instance.

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