Come in, Dogfort!

Well, here I am writing my usual year-in-retrospective post. If you want to skip to the ending; it was a great year.

Possibly the most surprising (to myself) development of the last twelve months – I’ve done a bit of journalism, and I’ve actually been paid for it. I have to thank the people at Crikey for their encouragement and help, and for pushing me gently in this direction when I emailed them my idea for the first story. I keep having to google myself to find them, so here’s a list of my articles so far:

I also had an “additional reporting” credit on an article of Luke’s I did some research for.

I’ve become more involved in politics. Frankly I’m quite astonished how easy that is to do. It’s wonderful how welcomed my contributions have been, and how many fascinating people I’ve met.

I started going to a twitter politics meetup a while ago, and now I share a house with a lovely guy I met there. Living with someone else has been a bit of a shock (after six-ish years living alone), but I’m really enjoying living here, especially within pouncing distance of our excellent friend Nath.

There are some things I’ve let slip and want to work on for next year – primarily my health and fitness. I also want to get on with some more gardening, the time out digging holes and witnessing the awesome fury of sandgropers is good for me.

I’m excited about – getting on with the underwater robot project; a “might make money” journalism project; ramping up my involvement in politics.

I’m not sure why this is at the end, but here comes the gratitude. I’ve got a bunch of friends that are wonderful, excited, learning, living, amazing. I feel like I’ve been jumping off a lot of cliffs and surviving the fall, thanks to them :) Have a happy new year, happy festivus, happy state-mandated-holiday all of you… and don’t let the Kingfisher bite.

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