Hobart from Knocklofty


Hobart from Knocklofty – photo set

I’m in Hobart for a holiday, and I’m having a wonderful time.

I arrived quite late on Tuesday evening. I was supposed to arrive early Tuesday, but unfortunately Jetstar’s website let me book an illegal connection, and I missed it. That left me with a day to kill in Melbourne, so I dumped my luggage at Southern Cross and spent the day wandering around. Had afternoon tea with my friends Danni and Steph, walked a lot, and went to the State Library. It all worked out in the end.

The landing in Hobart was a bit exciting, I thought we were coming in fast and then very strong braking, aeroplane stopping right on the far runway threshold. Apparently not that uncommon as it’s a short runway.

I slept in yesterday, then went to the Tasmanian Art Gallery and Museum. Unfortunately quite a lot of it is closed for refurbishment, but there was lots of wonderful art. I particularly liked the works by Akira Akira and Emma White, I must look them up when I get home.

Wandered around the docks and Salamanca, then marched up to Knocklofty. Quite a climb! West Hobart is beautiful, it has amazing views and quite a lot of old, lovely houses. Knocklofty is a park that was created after the second world war, and it’s beautiful. I’ve identified fifteen species of bird that I definitely saw:

  • Starling
  • Tasmanian Thornbill
  • Silvereye
  • Pallid Cuckoo
  • Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike
  • Grey Shrike-Thrush
  • Green Rosella
  • Kelp Gull
  • Yellow-throated Honeyeater
  • New Holland Honeyeater
  • Noisy Miner
  • Spotted Pardalote
  • Laughing Kookaburra
  • Forest Raven
  • Yellow Wattlebird

In addition there was at least one small bird of prey that was too high for me to ID, and a some wrens and other small birds that left when I approached, or stayed too high to see properly. The sound of the birds at dusk was amazing, so I recorded it on my phone (MP3, 2MB).

A funny little incident; a black-faced cuckoo shrike landed within a metre of me, we were looking at each other and then suddenly it was swooped upon by a Green Rosella. I don’t think the cuckoo shrike knew what hit it. Would have been a brilliant photograph if I wasn’t so surprised that I missed it!

Today a very kind wonk I know from twitter met me and drove me up to the top of Mount Wellington. I think all cities should come with a nearby decent sized mountain. As we went up the trees changed, until only small white eucalypts remained. On the mountain top there was a lot of scrub, almost similar to the coastal plants you see in Perth.

Tomorrow I am off on a boat tour of Bruny Island. Apparently it can get a bit rough (we’ll be going into the Southern Ocean), I remain hopeful that I won’t turn green and decorate the place. Whatever happens I’m sure it’ll be fun!

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