Wonderful birthday

Twirling, always twirling

I turned thirty yesterday. I had a lovely day – filled co-workers with carbohydrate, had lunch with my Mum and then a wonderful picnic with amazing friends. It’s not easy to express how lucky you all made me feel, somehow having stumbled amongst you, so I’ll just say thank you.

I’m off to Tasmania on Monday night, for six days of exciting adventures. Bushwalking, hopefully the ascent of Mount Wellington, birdwatching, museum-going and coffee drinking. It should be great.

I’ll sign off by spruiking the Conservation Council’s environmental art awards. I’ve entered a photograph and am off to the opening tomorrow night. I had a sneaky gander at some of the other entries and they’re fantastic, so it’s well worth a look in. As a bonus it’s at city farm which is worth a visit in itself. I was quite astonished by their aquaculture setup – look and you’ll see some quite cheerful, large and fast moving fish.

(The photo at the top was taken from a kite. I’m not sure how exactly the camera moved in the way it did, but I quite like the effect!)




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