Busy busy busy lately. I’ve been doing a bit more spare-time journalism, some research, becoming more involved in the Greens and generally doing a lot. I think I’m managing to balance getting lots done with a reasonable amount of relaxation time. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time digging in gardens, which is tiring in a good way.

I’m off to Hobart for a holiday in just over a month. It’s also my thirtieth around then, so I’ll be doing something. I’ll have to figure out what. Maybe drinks somewhere nice, I don’t think I’ll be doing anything particularly big.

A bit excited about Tasmania. There’s a lot of great places to go birdwatching around Hobart; I’ll be spending a lot of time bushwalking.

Have been learning about the open source mapping and GIS / cartography ecosystem for some of my research. It’s quite impressive and I think I can make a contribution there, so hopefully that’s a new avenue for interesting projects.

Really quite glad I moved to Bayswater. It is working out well!

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