Great weekend

Despite feeling a bit tired and worn down, this was a good weekend. I didn’t do much, other than go to the allotment with H and pull out a bunch of plants.

We’ve got a bunch of big logs out the front of our place and hopefully someone will be coming to take them away. As the bark is really great kindling, last night I started taking it off using a shovel. I pulled back one particularly thick bit of bark and revealed this:

Evacuate the eggs!

Click through for a bigger version and for the set of photos. It was a nest of the standard little black ants you get around Perth – although I wouldn’t be surprised if there are several species I’m conflating through ignorance.

I dashed off to grab the camera and took quite a few shots. The number of eggs was definitely in the thousands, and an enormous number of ants appeared and began to carry them off to safety. Amazingly they had completed their task within thirty minutes – right down to nothing left. They hid the eggs away under some other bark; there’s a photo of one of the hiding spots in the full photo set.

Quite a cheerful little discovery. Loving my macro lens :-)

Most stuff is unpacked now and I’ve managed to turn Percy’s room into a little quiet study / reading room. Also, a neat discovery: google reader can subscribe to content on the IPv6 internet, so it can get my special AES encrypted / greasemonkey decoded RSS feeds. Hurray!

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