Blog moved

The blog which was formerly at has been moved here, to I was self-hosting on a SheevaPlug, but after moving house I no longer have access to a static IPv4 address. is still up but only reachable via IPv6.

I’m now hosting the blog on I must say it was quite impressively simple to set that up; just had to add a CNAME record, pay them a small amount of money, and export/import an XML file with all of my posts and comments in it. Not having to worry about securing my wordpress install is probably worth the money by itself.

Anyway, if you want to access anything I was hosting other than the blog, get yourself set up for IPv6!

Edited: switched ‘formally’ for ‘formerly’ (oops)

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3 Responses to Blog moved

  1. Tristan says:

    Where was it informally? The pub? ;-)

  2. cjpatrick says:

    We used WordPress hosting for perthtoyurt, for exactly the reason you said – keeping a WordPress install up-to-date for security fixes is a huge pain. The only irritating thing for us was that there’s quite limited theme customisation available. I was hoping to add things like an automatically updated map and counter of money raised to the sidebar, but it seemed to be impossible.

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