Tooth extraction done

If you’re insanely squeamish this post might bother you, but there’s nothing too bad.

Up bright and early and down to the dentist to have my ‘number 7’ molar pulled out. It was badly damaged by a wisdom tooth growing sideways and pushing on it. I was given a local anaesthetic and then what looked like a large adjustable wrench was used to pull at the tooth until it started to move a bit. The doctor said it was very firmly rooted in my mouth, and then got stuck in with some very firm pulling and pushing while the nurse firmly grabbed my head. All extremely mechanical.

The tooth wasn’t having any of it though so the doctor had to cut it in half, reducing each half to one root. He then got to work on the front part with what felt like roughly the same sort of pulling and pushing and rolling. The goal was to get the tooth out without having to remove bone at the side. Just as he said he was going to give up, the half tooth shot out with a loud cracking sound. Apparently that’s the first time it’s shot out with such a crack for that doctor, he was quite surprised. Tooth roots 3-4mm longer than normal which is neat.

Unfortunately the same trick didn’t work for the back half, so he had to ‘make a flap’ (I think this means cutting a flap in the gum at the side), and then take away some of the bone either side of the tooth to get it out. He also removed ‘quite a bit’ of bone in the middle between the two teeth. Once he’d done that the back bit came out easily.

The experience of having bone pulled out while you’re awake is odd, mostly because of the sound as you’re quite well connected acoustically to the bone. Throughout all of this I only felt the odd tiny bit of pain, but nothing bad at all. I thought I’d write it all down so to aid remembering the experience later!

Anyway, all seems to have gone fairly well. I’m working from home today with a small budgie racing around causing trouble, which is cheering. There’s three stitches in the wound which will be taken out in a week, and hopefully that’s my dental drama over for some time to come!

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