Replacing DVD with SSD on my Mac

Sexy (2)

I bought myself an 160GB Intel SSD (the new 320 series drives) and a cheap optical bay disk mount. Sat down last night to install it. It wasn’t too scary, I used a walkthrough for DVD drive replacement from the iFixIt website.

The only problem I encountered was a bit of plastic on the DVD replacement which got in the way of the antenna assembly. I just removed that bit of plastic. Everything seems to be solidly installed.

The SSD has made this (already fast) laptop blazingly fast to use. I’ve got a 500GB spinning disk for big stuff; mostly music and other media. All of my programming and photography scratch space is on the SSD, along with the operating system and swap file. Applications start really, really quickly.

I’m feeling quite chuffed for overcoming my fear of breaking a shiny new laptop and getting this done. I think it was worth it, a lot of my data crunching stuff is running a lot faster. Plus, it’s just a neat thing to have :-)

[ I linked to a couple of commercial sites; I don’t receive any referral payments. Your mileage may vary and there might be better sites to look at! ]

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