Royal Wedding; Dear Media

The ‘Royal Wedding’ is driving me nuts. Absolutely uncritical coverage is the default. Loath as I am to link to The Australian, check their ‘William and Kate: The royal wedding‘ special section. The Union Jack density is amazing. You’d think we were still part of the British Empire.

As Australians we are subjects of a monarch, the ‘Queen/King of Australia’. Under the current arrangements, this person will be the same person sitting on the British throne. They won’t be elected, they’ll be born into it. Men born into the family will be favoured over women.

For the conceivable future, the nominal ruler of Britain and thus of Australia will be a white Anglo-Saxon from the most privileged background imaginable. The royal family represents the claim of British descended people in this country to be its natural inhabitants.

“May triumph crown his efforts, and may the British flag, planted by him in the centre of Australia, wave for another thousand years over the pence and prosperity of the mighty population which immigration is pouring in upon us!” – Governor George Grey on Eyre’s expedition to the interior

The perpetuation of the monarchy represents an othering of many Australians and their histories. Think of the Afghani Australians who were instrumental in making it possible to enter central Australia. Chinese Australians and their long history in this country. The list of immigrant groups whose histories and contributions are unacknowledged is immense. Lastly, think on what the monarchy means and has meant for Aboriginal Australians. When people showed up brandishing guns and flags and declaring terra nullius, they were doing it in the name of the crown.

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2 Responses to Royal Wedding; Dear Media

  1. Matt says:

    So did you watch the wedding?

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