I went to Swancon this easter weekend. I had a good time, and the level of drama and anxiety bundled with the con-going experience was lower than ever before. I’m going to attribute that to only going to one panel, and spending the rest of the time in the lobby having lovely chats with lovely people.

The semi-professional exhibition ‘Future Imperfect‘ was great, as was the fan art show. I’ve subscribed to most of the blogs linked from the Future Imperfect page, wonderful art from local people.

I took the opportunity to buy some of the art for sale – now I’ve got a really glorious and hilarious 50’s sci-fi spaceman by Tina hanging over my desk. I also have an lovely drawing by Kathleen Jennings of a mechanical magpie and a painting of a steampunk squid by Pia Ravenari. It seems that the more lovely art I hang on the walls, the more this place feels like home :-)

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