Gardening success

Pitaya (seedling)

A few weeks ago I bought a dragonfruit. They’re a large, spiky red fruit that comes from the Pitaya cactus. When you cut it open you find white flesh dotted with innumerable small black seeds. The flesh is very tasty. Out of curiosity I looked up the plant, and found out that they’re easy to grow.

I scooped a tablespoon worth of flesh from the fruit, and filled the sink with a little water. I then gently rubbed at the flesh, pulping it so that the seeds were separated. It was then a matter of sieving the water with my tea strainer to retrieve the (tiny) black seeds.

I was quite careful to make sure there was no flesh from the fruit attached to the seeds. I then scattered them fairly haphazardly in potting mix, covered them minimally, moistened the soil and waited. I was very excited when about a week later seedlings emerged.

Above is a photograph of one of the resulting plants in my incubator (taken with my fancy new macro lens!). I’ve given quite a few away to friends and am going to plant three or four at the allotment. If you clicked through to the wikipedia article you’ll know that they are a climbing cactus, and they get very large.

Remarkably pretty plants too. I was quite excited when they grew their first spines!

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One Response to Gardening success

  1. Matt says:

    Yours must be getting a lot better attention than mine. They’re growing, but slowly.

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