Playing about, learning, enjoying life

Moreton Bay Steps

Things have been pretty good. Busy but good! I’ve made a lot of progress on a couple of spare time projects. I’ve done quite a lot of gardening, and now have many new seedlings. I have far more Pitaya (dragonfruit) seedlings than I can use, so if anyone would like a plant or three please shout.

The allotment has been dug out and seeds sown for the winter crop. I spent about an hour pulling stuff out by hand, then H arrived, grabbed a couple of useful tools, and we outdid my hour of work in about five minutes. This tool-use thing was perhaps a better idea than I had thought!

I’ve now been back on the vegan bandwagon for more than a month. It has been good, I have cooked a lot more and eaten better. In the vein of eating better, I ordered my groceries online yesterday and they were delivered today. I’m trying this out for a week or three to see how it goes; I figure I can plan my meals more carefully, and will have less trouble with forgetting things and having to make constant trips.

Percy has been well. He has started yet another molt so there are driftbanks of feathers on the floor. He’s a fun little companion. If I’m working on a project at my desk, he’s usually orbiting between the cage, my head and my shoulder. Funny how you can almost tune that out when you get used to it! Percy is also slightly famous, his concerns for wallaby safety being conclusively shot down by Racist Wallaby.

Yesterday I started the transfer of from godaddy to another domain registrar. This was prompted by the CEO of godaddy shooting an elephant and then blogging the video of his rampage. Quite a few other people have shifted off; if you haven’t heard about it and are a godaddy customer, google it. Quite revolting.

Anyway, life ticks on and reasonably pleasurably. All is well!

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