No Carbon Tax Rally

I just read a post over at Grog’s Gamut which is a great summary of the events of the day. The pictures he has provided are particularly informative, a lot of which came from Latika Bourke‘s twitter feed. Here’s one photo from the same source that I find particularly disturbing:

I’m not going to snipe at the spelling and grammar. Have a look at the laundry list of issues trotted out by this person:

  • CO2 taxes
  • pink batts (can’t resist – Peter Garrett must resign!)
  • ‘Queensland government lack of insurance tax’. Presumably this refers to Queensland’s decision to self-insure against cyclones
  • ‘tax dollars wasted’ – pervasive waste unique to this government
  • ‘Billions in foreign aid’
  • ‘illegal criminal migrants rioting and getting aussie visas’
  • ‘higher taxes + electricity prices’
  • ‘higher cost of living’
  • ‘labor = third world living’

Impressive. This person has managed to absorb every scare story the Liberals and Nationals have trotted out in the last few years. This placard is a summary of the deceit and malice of the coalition. Communication of this into the person’s mind has doubtless been facilitated by talkback radio and News Limited papers.

While the list is unusually comprehensive, it’s a great summary of the placard content. To be fully representative it is only lacking a misogynistic attack on our prime minister.

Obviously these people – an upper estimate has 3000 attending – were selected from the population of talkback radio listeners who believe it and aren’t just listening to mock it on twitter. It’s tempting to dismiss them as fringe loonies. I’m still worried. I feel that the discord around the carbon tax, climate change, and ‘lack of mandate’ provides cover to express racism and misogyny.

I’m sure most people reading this have heard a sentence starting with ‘I’m not racist, but..’ or, ‘I’m not sexist, but…’. Invariably the following content is –ist. Have you ever noticed the little conversational jig people dance which establishes that sexist or racist discourse is okay, that the people conversing agree and won’t shoot each other down? This rally seems like that little dance on a grand and disgusting scale. I’m revolted that nobody there, particularly members of parliament, spoke out against the racism and sexism that was on such prominent display.

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One Response to No Carbon Tax Rally

  1. Bron says:

    It reeks of Teaparty-ism!

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