Feeling tired and sick. I’ve been working hard during the day, and trying to slog away at my home projects in the evenings. Haven’t really hung out with people much, starting to feel increasingly frayed and grumpy. Hopefully I’ll knock off the work stuff that has me stressed tomorrow.

I’ve decided I want to get back into my running. I’ve lost a lot of fitness in the past six months, feeling a bit fail about that – I guess that’s a silly reason not to try though. I don’t seem to hang out with people that run very much any more, guess I’ll have to find the energy and motivation within myself instead of mooching it from others.

I’m quite excited about the spare time projects I’m working on. Hopefully I’ll have something to show soon. It’s hard having the ‘brain energy’ to come up with creative solutions when you’ve spent it at work, finding that quite frustrating at the moment.

I think I would like to hang out with people, quietly, and just.. go do quiet, interesting things. I should make that happen.

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One Response to Gargh.

  1. Quiet hangouts ahoy, as soon as I get back from this ride!

    In the meantime, enjoy the pets. They are crazy destructive and entertaining.

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