Great weekend

I decided to focus my efforts on my most wonkish project, and I’ve got heaps done. I’m working to write an XML database that’s a lot more lightweight than what I’ve found looking on the net, and I’m making a lot of progress. Hopefully will have something to share soon.

There’s one key element to the approach I’m using to index this XML that I was worried wouldn’t work in reality. Spent the last couple of months mulling it over, then two afternoons of programming to hack away at hte problem and come up with something that works against a large, real dataset. Score one for extreme/agile/riding-a-tortoise-while-spelunking programming as an approach to problems.

No photos from Alice Springs / Kata Tjuta / Uluru up on flickr yet, I’ve going to take a break from this XML thing and attempt that tomorrow arvo. Funny how things go from fun-looking-forward-to to oh-god-I-should-do-that-chore so quickly. Feeling excessively perfectionist about processing these shots, and a bunch of them are bracketed sets so I can do HDR, so quite labour intensive to sort out.

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