Closing loops

The other evening I wrote down a list of all my ongoing projects. It was very long.

I’m not hugely worried as in the last twelve months I’ve been more productive than I have in a very long time. However, some stuff is slipping. Sometimes minor, sometimes more important.

I’ve tried various solutions for keeping ‘todo’ lists, project information, etc. My main problem is that while I put stuff into the system, I’m quite bad at looking at it and being prompted by it. My only real win here has been calendaring, I now get emails 24 hours before things I’ve put in, and I’m pretty good at putting stuff in. I’m missing a lot fewer things I’d like to go to because of that.

As an example of something that’s not working, I often tag things on pinboard (delicious like bookmarking service) as ‘toread’. Unfortunately that usual means ‘wontread’; I’m pretty bad at going back and looking at the things. Often I tag such things when it’s too late or I’m too tired to reasonably absorb them – so the actual process of tagging them is useful.

What carrots do people use to keep on top of things? Any suggestions?

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