Mystery bug!
I flew over to Adelaide on Thursday and I’ve had a fantastic time. Friday was spent out in Stirling. It’s a small town up in the hills, about thirty minutes bus ride from the CBD. I did quite a lot of tromping around in the Woorabinda Reserve. Saw an absolutely awesome caterpillar which was either building a cocoon or exiting one (the jury is out) – pictured above. IDed by ScientistMags on twitter as a Psychidae. Disturbed a pair of extremely colourful parrots who flew straight at me and then away, utterly failing to take a photograph. I think they may have been Regent Parrots, but I’m not confident enough to claim it for my bird list.

In the evening I went over to the RI Aus bar and met ScientistMags in person. Had beers with a bunch of interesting ‘science communicator’ types, then went out for food at the central markets. Awesome markets, I think I’ll head back there tomorrow. Was meant to go out into Chinatown and look at the new year celebration but ran out of energy, so bailed and flopped on my face in the hotel room.

This morning I went over to Somerton Beach to photograph the spot where the Taman Shud man was found. Just a bit of fun – H blogged about the case ages ago and I thought it’d be interesting to go have a look. All credit to H for finding the spot, the building in the background of the police photograph from 1949 has been removed and replaced with a hideous, hideous concrete thing. Anyway, the old photograph and my retake. The tide was in, the stairs have been redone, etc so tricky to get the right photo. I’ve got a few others which I’ll stare at, this was the best at a glance.

In the afternoon I went to Haigh’s Chocolates to meet Amy. Wandered around Rundle Street, which is a really nice cafe strip in the city; imagine Beaufort Street transplanted into the CBD. Consumed chocolate and coffee, Amy bought extremely random and awesome gift for H.

Rainbow Loriket vs Statue

After hangouts with Amy it was time to hit the botanical gardens. Wandered around for quite a long time, got thoroughly turned around (even with iPhone+GPS, which means getting lost is good going.) Saw Adelaide’s rather wimpy excuse for a river. Took quite a few photographs I’m pleased with. Oh, and noisy Miners are awesome birds.

Photography has been tricky. The trees in Stirling were tall with their only foliage at the top. Combine that with small birds and overcast, glary conditions and it gets hard to take good shots. It was overcast again in Adelaide, but at least the trees are much shorter which helped! I will go stare at monopods tomorrow, I’ve taken a few too many blurred photographs.

Water Lilly

There’s a couple of sets up on Flickr: Adelaide and Stirling and Adelaide. If anyone can ID any of the unknown birds or suggest anything else, I’d be very grateful.

I was planning to leave here tomorrow on the Ghan to Alice Springs. Unfortunately, I got a phone call this evening – the track has been damaged by the remnants of Cyclone Yasi, so the train will be delayed by at least twenty-four hours.

Anyway, yay for adventure!

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