Good way to start the morning

We were warned late last week that Cyclone Bianca might arrive in the Perth/Bunbury area today, possibly with strong winds and flooding. It turns out to have been a false alarm, the cyclone diminished rapidly last night and it didn’t even rain today. Anyway, I got up early this morning in the hope of grabbing some cool photographs of the storm coming in.

No luck as there wasn’t much to see, but it was nice being in Kings Park for dawn. I hung around there for a while, then jumped on the bike and rode home through West Perth. Passing the parking structure on Outram Street I decided to see if I could get up on the roof for a look.

Randoms atop West Perth parking structure

It turns out you can get out on to the roof, although it’s ten stories up and there’s no safety rail. Surprisingly there were random other people up there as well as me. I was eyeing off getting onto the roof when a couple of them came over and we got talking. Anyway, I decided it was Far Too Scary (bit of a breeze, ten stories, afraid of heights) so I left. I do like that photo though – might change the crop :-) I think I’ll try and psych myself up into going up there another morning at dawn for a look.

The set is up on flickr. I’m going to be super naughty and include another photograph, this one a cheerful shot of my bike that dawn. It’s odd how sometimes the shots you like are the ones you just take on a whim.

Sunrise from Kings Park

Both these photos look a lot cooler when viewed at higher resolution, particularly the second one :-)

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2 Responses to Good way to start the morning

  1. sjy says:

    Cool photos. Where exactly on Outram St is this parking structure? Sounds like a fun place to explore.

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