Brain exploding, too many projects.

Dripping Swan (LoMo effect)Can anyone recommend a nice way of doing multiple file uploads? Ideally in an AJAX-ish way. I’ve looked at a few things but they all seem fairly nasty, so after for recommendations. My backup plan is just to let the user upload a zip file and pull it apart again on the server side, but that’s not very nice. Would prefer something HTML/JS based, but Flash would be OK if it’s significantly better. This is for secret-map-project.

Did some more fiddling with my radio remote control stuff this evening, I’m up to about 90% transmission success. The remaining problems are a bit of a mystery, luckily a friend is lending me a digital oscilloscope tomorrow which will let me have a look at what’s actually going on. I’m hoping it’s either a silly timing problem which I can fix in software, or just noise that I’ll again be able to compensate for in software.

Someone from Poland mailed me the other day about my google transit feed software. That’s got me thinking about that project again. It ties in with an idea I’ve had for visualisation of maps to try and show the real shape of the world for people with access to various forms of transportation. This has been consuming a fair bit of brain time.

I’ve promised a few people that I’d dust off my PhoneHome server monitoring software. I’ve got tarballs from a few people of their forks, need to sit down and merge those, then throw away the horrible old Python-SOAP code and use something nicer. Probably just simple CGI/FastCGI with a HTTP API. Ought to be simple, probably a couple of days work, need to fit that in somewhere.

Looks like quite a few expeditions to go see things in the Outdoors are coming up. This pleases me.

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2 Responses to Brain exploding, too many projects.

  1. Ian McKellar says:

    The best way to do this is with a little invisible flash shim that does the work that’s wrapped in a sensible javascript library. A quick Google search gave me this:

    If you have a different preferred js library (you’d be wrong, but that’s another story) then I’m sure you can find an equivalent. I’m sure there are a dozen different alternatives to this one, you just need to find one that works like you want it to.

    • grahame says:

      I am using jQuery.. I’ve been looking at this plugin in particular:

      It uses only HTML but unfortunately it posts the file contents at you without using the MIME encoding stuff that a normal file upload would. That means that Django’s nice chunk-reading file stuff doesn’t work, and you ended up with the entire file in memory. I’m trying to avoid that as I’m running on a slow server.

      I’ll have a look at the SWFUpload jQuery stuff, thanks!

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