Feeling a bit better.

Was a bit poorly last week, pretty crook on Friday (but went to work), then spent the weekend and today in bed. Some sort of nasty flu/cold/tummy thing. Utterly sick of moping about the house, so will drag myself out of bed and into work tomorrow no matter what I feel like. Really annoyed I’ve got ill, as I had a weekend of win planned. Oh well!

Have made quite a lot of progress on my radio remote control stuff. I’m getting about 50% of messages through. While this proves that a whole bunch of things are working, I’m trying to figure out why the number is so low. I think the most likely thing at the moment is a subtle bug in my code, so I’ll have a stare at that tomorrow.

Percy is moulting, and thus immensely cranky. He cheered up a lot tonight and flew around quite a bit, landing on me every now and again to shout into one of my ears. I think he’s been rubbing the feathers on the top of his head, it’s looking a bit sore but seems to be getting better. Poor thing.

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