Spider wasp dragging paralysed Huntsman
Had quite a nice Christmas, which is a first in recent years. Went down the Lake Monger with my mum and sister, had a bit of a picnic. I was off taking photographs of a swan being hounded by a Corella (odd in itself) when they started shouting for me to come back.

It turns out a spider wasp had paralysed a Huntsman and was dragging it across the picnic blanket. Mum and I followed their trail for at least seventy metres. The spider was initially struggling a bit, but gradually stopped resisting. The wasp had hooked into its face, and was dragging it along the grass. Eventually the wasp went into the carpark, then back up onto the grass, before vanishing along with the spider into a hollow at the base of a tree. It must have had a nest in there.

The wasp definitely knew where it was going. It would stop periodically, let go of the spider and walk in a circle as if taking bearings. I ended up saving the wasp from a seagull which was looking at it and the spider with interest. I’m not sure that the gull would have noticed it if not for us, so I think only fair. Plus, it was interesting watching the wasp!

Click on the picture for more photos in the flickr set. Surprisingly hard to get good photos. The wasp was proceeding at quite a rate, and it was under the shade at dusk. Managed to get a few though!

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