Software library sites

xkcd: University Website

xkcd: reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.

It’s funny, even now there’s a few things a lot of web sites still miss. When I’m shopping around for a bit of software to use in a project, I usually want:

  • when was the last release (eg. is this project alive?)
  • big, prominent link to grab the source code
  • the license / other terms of use for the software
  • a big link to documentation

… and pretty much anything else is ephemeral. It’s amazing how many sites make you hunt around for this stuff. A pretty minor whinge, granted, when I’m profiting from the freely given efforts of other people. Still, a valid whinge.

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One Response to Software library sites

  1. Ian McKellar says:

    I often like a blog or something to get a sense of change over time. Also it’s nice to have some way to see how many different people are involved in the project. More people involved seems to make it less likely to turn into abandonware in the future.

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