Work’s christmas party was on Wadjemup / Rottnest Island over the last couple of days. Had a lovely time, photos will be up (hopefully) some time soon. I’ve just had an initial run-through, took something around a thousand shots and culled that to ~ 290 in the first pass.

Most of the photographs are of birds and other wildlife. Birds often do exciting things like leaping into flight, or are plain hard to catch sitting still (little brown birds being notably tricky.) I’ve found that holding down the shutter and taking 5-6 exposures has significantly increased the number of interesting shots I’m getting.

Party was pretty fun. I went for a few longish walks by myself, around two hours walking on Thursday night and then a four-and-a-half hour walk this morning, starting at 5.45am. I’m not drinking for a while, so felt a bit disconnected from the party itself, most people being quite remarkably sloshed.

As always with photography, I’ve got a few annoying almost-caught-a-neat-moment shots. I’ve got one of an oystercatcher pulling a worm out of the ground, except the focus is on the bird’s bum. Nuts! Oh well :-) I’ve got a bunch of shots of juveniles this time, which is nice; it’s rare for a wikipedia article to feature photos of juveniles, so I’ve been trying to contribute them.

One cool thing; we were playing a bit of beach cricket and a couple of seals swam past. One came in fairly close to the people in the water, I think just out of curiosity. They didn’t take much interest and went on. Remarkably swift things when swimming. Of course, the camera wasn’t with me for that!

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