Allotment update

This is what happens when you don’t get down to your allotment often enough – your artichoke flower heads turn from delicious things into flowers. A bit of a shame, but very pretty!

Did get a few onions, some rhubarb and capsicum. This allotment business is pretty good fun. Particularly exciting, the rosella shrubs are growing so with any luck they’ll fruit and interesting jam will be made.

The UCS reunion was nice. Didn’t take any group photographs, it was lunch and people drifted off. Went down to the UWA data centre in the physics building. My old haunt, scene to many dramas and all-nighters. It’s been dramatically changed and is a lot more swish. Interesting to see, gave me a sense of just how long I’ve been gone.

(Edit: I’m in awe of whichever human first thought “you know what? That thistle flower looks like good eating, if I steam it and nibble the right bits.”. Artichoke being a big thistle.)

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2 Responses to Allotment update

  1. alexa says:

    I love this photo. I didn’t realise artichokes looked so very thistley when flowering!

    • grahame says:

      Yeah. Was down there yesterday and noticed something disturbing, the flowers have a few dead bees in them. I think maybe they’re getting stuck in there. Poor bees!

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