After years of being over on Livejournal, I’ve shifted off. The dubious advertising and other epic failures of the new owners have made me wish to move for a long time. Glad it’s finally done.

The cricket (or is it a grasshopper) above was spotted while walking at Star Swamp. Mum spotted it, I doubt I’d have picked it out – it blended in incredibly well. Cute little thing!

Productive evening setting this site up. I’ve installed php5 on my Sheevaplug, set up a special ‘php’ user account to run the WordPress code (not the same as the rest of the web server), and FastCGI to tie the two together. WordPress shouldn’t be able to write to anything much that matters (other than blog content), so maybe this install will survive the ravages of the internet.

I’ve also purchased an SSL certificate for angrygoats.net – this’ll let me post to this blog securely from public WiFi. Might use the certificate to set up OpenVPN as well, while I’m at it.

I have tomorrow off work so that I can go to a staff reunion for University Computing Services down at UWA. The department hasn’t existed for quite some time, and I haven’t seen a lot of the people in a few years; really looking forward to it!

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9 Responses to Welcome

  1. theducks says:

    Say hi to everyone and make sure photos get taken :)

  2. Ian McKellar says:


    What SSL provider are you using? I should buy myself a cert one day…


    • grahame says:

      I’m using GoDaddy. I only picked them because the domain is registered through them, so approval was quick. They were nice and cheap ($26 for two years); #ucc people said namecheap was better. The godaddy cert is chained, apparently namecheap do non-chained certs for $9.

      Still, seems to work OK :-)

  3. Helen says:

    Hah, you chose the same free theme as me! Makes sense; I have excellent taste.

  4. lisamax says:

    Lookin good! Damn that Robin (or whatever it is) is cute.

    • grahame says:

      Thanks! The robin was one of those lucky shots, I was walking down the road in Bromley (Kent) and saw it dancing about on a wall. Whipped the camera out and got it, and then it turned out the background of red bricks looked pretty awesome with the little fellow’s redness :-)

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